Very put out Great Horned Owl mine this am.

What a wild night.  The weather forecasters said that by 2 am we could have winds up to 70 mph.  Yep, for once they were spot on.  At 1:58 am the winds arrived.  So, this morning there were lots of small branches down, one larger one in the road, which someone stopped and moved onto the edge of the property.  Lots of tree debris down……..this am, I  took care of the horses and goats, and went inside to get busy on writing.  Within minutes, my two dogs were doing the all out bark “THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE YARD !!! THE YARD !!!! NOW !!!!!!! ” and so out I went.  On the outside of the dog run, there was one of the baby Great Horned Owls.  Obviously blown out of the nest.  Aghhh.  So much for a quiet day.  After six phone calls, I got a rehab person who came and picked it up.  Here I was, with thick gloves on, a big dog crate, and a sheet to put over it…….and this young fellow drives up, takes a file storage box out of the truck and follows me.  He walks up to the owl, said “Hi Buddy” picked it up like I pick up my chickens, into the box it went and that was that.  I for some reason thought it would put up more of a fight……..that beak clacking they do when pissed off makes my blood run cold.  Yesterday I could see several heads in the nest, and I believe there is still one owl chick there.  It is possible that if there were two chicks, that one shoved this one out…….they do that.  But with the wind so strong last night, I am sure that is how this one ended up on the ground.

Enjoy your day all !