One of our first chickens "Red" the Rhode Island Red hen

The other evening, I was talking to my sister.  I said ” well I have to go, I need to put the sheep in the barn”………She laughed and laughed and laughed.  Well now, why is that funny ?  After all, I have been doing things like this for at least the last 12 years.   I suppose it does sound funny to a city person.  But if you consider that my days revolve around making sure the family is ok, then  I spend my spare time helping our old goat Audrey to her feet, feeding and caring for various animals, well I suppose it could be funny.  But to me, it is life.  Add in trips to town, and the occasional bit of time to myself, well life is speeding past. Needs to have regularly scheduled stops in my opinion.

In my time with animals, I have hand raised house sparrows, mourning doves, starlings, barn swallows, a king-bird, various other birds. Bottle fed kittens, mice, goats (what seems like millions of ’em) tried to save two BLM foals from the holding pens…..but they never seem to find them in time.  That is a hard thing, beautiful foals, one was really Thoroughbred looking, the other was the most spectacular Appaloosa color colt.  Both had been without milk for days……so sad.  So, they wisely don’t call on me when that happens now. I can’t do it all, and the heart wrenching things take a huge toll on me.

Living on this road, we end up with animals that are dumped here.  My best cat of all time was dumped here though, so I can’t complain that much.  But this week there was some disturbance outside, the chickens would go nuts, Kona the wild cat was not here at her normal times for food.  There was just something off, and I began to suspect a new animal out there.  I did find it, a cat who was likely ill, then too weak or wild to show itself.  It passed away warm and cared for shortly after I found it. Very sad.  At least I found it and not the chickens.

Today I go help my friend get some hay to her house. Better get moving !

Enjoy your day !