Our lilac trees blooming last year 🙂

Good afternoon all, I am sorry I have not been keeping up on my blog as I had thought I would. The owls continue to dominate the evenings and nights with their calls, but at least they are not in the title of this blog now, nor is their photo 🙂  The weather continues to be wacky…..it snowed yesterday night, got up to snow on the ground once again.  Today it is actually warm in the sunshine.  Supposed to be nice all week, then we hear not so, there is another storm on the radar.  Whatever, if I open the back door and it is white, it snowed. If it is wet, it is or did rain.  Weather actually means not much to me, as I am outdoors so much of the time. I have good boots and a good coat,  a wool hat with earflaps and my ever present baseball hats.  Well  one is a mustang hat, one is from Port Orchard and one is so faded and old, well it should be tossed.  But I wear them all, just not at once 🙂

Best get back to work, writing !

Enjoy your day !