Seriously.  I would like to get off this ride for awhile.  Perhaps a day, perhaps a weekend.  Somewhere I have lost my focus yet again and would REALLY like to find it.  I need to find it.  BADLY.

I installed Firefox as my browser and I love it, a lot.

Survivor was finally on last night, and they are leaving Ben (Coach) alone, which is on one hand refreshing, and on the other kind of boring.  We all knew Tyson would do the dumb thing and go along with what Russell said.  If he had stuck to the plan, and  not voted for the fluffy girl, Russell would be gone from the game and we would no longer have to wonder what lovely things this troll like fellow would do next.  (Previous Survivor game he dumped out everyone’s water from their canteens.  This time he buried the machete. And lies and lies and lies.  But if you watch, you already know that……)

I am just tired out and it is difficult to figure out how to get back to center.  I have a friend who can help with that, but I have not heard from him lately.

Oh well, the owls are hoot hooting again and I am getting some soup ready.

Enjoy your evening all.