The Black Pearl off the California coast a couple of years ago.....

Where is Jack Sparrow when you want him ????? VBG ! 

Spring has sprung. The grass is growing like mad, and I have mowed with the push mower a LOT.  It looks good, but will need to be done again too soon.  Bitch-complain-crab crab crab.  Oh well, never satisfied.  

This year we ARE going to get mom’s landscaping going……..thinking we would move, we didn’t invest the energy into it that we should have.  So, I will arrange for our neighbors to bring their tractor over to level the backyard and we will work on getting some plants in.  I have numerous lilac volunteers to put over there if she wishes……so I will give it a good try.  My rheumatoid arthritis is having a go at me again, and it can quit anytime !  Really !  LEAVE !  **Sighs**  

I finally gave up on IE6 (IE = Internet Explorer) , and don’t get along with IE 7 or 8 – so yesterday I downloaded Foxfire.  LOVE the tabs, absolutely love it.  Works much better than any of the IE products of late IMHO.  Now if it would work with WordPress, I would be happy.  After six tries, I opened IE6 and posted this with that…….If only I could only get my life in such good order with such little time !  

Have to get coffee.  Didn’t have any caffeine yesterday, and was awake until 2 am.  Why is that ?  Ideas ?  Agh.  

Enjoy your day all, must get busy again.