This is something that I have been on about for years.  Since my health scare due to aspartame, I became “aware” finally. Saw this on MSNBC yesterday.

I have decided that since the advent of so much in the 20th century, that cancer and other diseases are out of control, that this is part of the root of it all.  That and electronic smog, don’t get me started on THAT.  So, my best thoughts on this all, if it didn’t exist 100 years ago, don’t eat it !

So there, that is my statement for the day.  Spring is coming, the birds are all nuts and so fun to watch and listen to.  We have now apparently three owls.  I think the baby owl returned a few nights ago, and we have been having a night long hooting harmony going.  Even the Canada geese don’t try to land in the hawk/owl nest any longer.  They fly over and give that nest the look, and fly on, honking as they go.

Enjoy the day !