For me, that came this past few days.  I had the opportunity to take care of milking two goats for our neighbors.  These neighbors are always right there when I  need help, be it repairing the fence when my appendix was about to burst and I had to go to the hospital…….or repairing a broken water pipe, or lighting the water heater at moms…….or helping get our main water line thawed out when we had three nights of about – 18 degrees below zero temps.  They have taken time to help with numerous things and never take anything in return.  Sometimes I bake for them, but this time I could do something in return.  They are nice goats, and even when I was over there milking in the storm, the rain thundering down on the metal barn they are housed in – the rhythmic milking gives a calm to my soul.  It was nice.  I am glad that I could reciprocate just a bit.  The milk I took home and will be freezing it in ice cube trays, then donating it to the local animal shelter for any needy puppies or kittens.  Makes me wish I had a goat in milk, would love to make cheese.

Enjoy the day all !