This was a most amazing surprise shot I took the other day.  This is shot looking down into a partially frozen (bottom) partially thawed (top) of the birdbath I have – under the lilac trees (of course :)) with bigger lilac branches up higher.  I took four or five shots, and this was the weirdest but coolest one. 

Nature is teasing us.  We have had warm days (anything above 40 is shirtsleeve weather for me now) in the low 50’s.  Then woke up to snow yesterday, then 11 degrees last night.  Kona, the wild cat was outside, but basking in the sun, not interested in breakfast yet.  Of course I had already plated her food, which unfortunately was some sort of cod….now my mud room will be fragrant for a while.  If I had left it outside, the birds would have made it disappear in half a minute. 

Lots to do as always, enjoy your day !