Last nights gift to the lilacs..........snow again


Yesterday and the prior few days it was lovely.  LOVELY.  Like just sweater weather.  But noooooo, our “chance of a dusting” became 5 inches of snow.  The poor lilacs.  At least they have not done any budding yet.  

So, today was OCD snow shoveling.  Even though this stuff is melting off quickly, I finally figured out that if I move it before it melts, the ground does not get mudded up.  Which means I can use my cart to feed with still, which I like.  Not that using my sled to feed from is bad, it just is easier on me.   

Should figure out something for our dinner – have some editing to get done too.  Watched the PBR “Iron Cowboy” Bull riding competition.  Bracket style, and while my picks bucked off and didn’t advance, it was great to watch.

Enjoy the rest of the day !