This is “Chicken on a Chain”  the 2007 PBR Bull of the Year.

PBR is the Professional Bull Riders.  If I had seen this compiled show of the “worst wrecks of 2009” before I ever watched an event, I don’t think I would have ever watched……….OMG…….these guys are amazing.  Athletic, strong, tough, and boy do they get their bell rung sometimes !  Terrible to see that…..then they seem to come back the next week anyway !  Recently, the announcers have said a few things that are just plain funny to me.  About a bull who was just not all there performance wise that was noted the rider was having a time with it, like he was having no effect “like spurring a duck”…….but tonight, one fellow took a terrible blow to the head, was knocked out.  Took a while to get him to his feet, and as the attending doctor and staff led him away, the announcer said “He is still trying to gather up his chickens”.  Geez.  Young kids that have been riding for years already, broken up physically, but huge purse money to be had – by the week per event, and at the end of the year. 

A week since I blogged.  Mostly my excuse is that the weather is better, but still cold inside the house.  Somehow it is weird to me to “waste” good firewood when the weather is nice.  Not that nice apparently though since the inside temp is usually about 54 degrees.  Another “duh” for me I suppose.

What did I do this past week ? Uh….went to two dress rehearsals for the local symphony.  Including one that I took cookies I baked for their “break” snack.  Don’t even ask how THAT happened 🙂  My life just keeps on being weird.  But that is ok, I have one friend who is in Hawaii……..and one who was in San Francisco………and here I am in the same place.  Write !!!  Write !!! Write !!!  **Smiles** ok, I will.

Enjoy the day all !