Fireworks in the making or ???

Yes, another photo of the Puget Sound.  🙂  One day we will live there instead of vacation.  Not that there is anything wrong with vacations there of course !  I got to thinking about how we decide to make something a goal….. do you have any you are working on now ? I have a number of them and I work on them each day.  Eating right, working on my books, making sure my family is in order, checking on my sister……lots of things.  Some simple. Some not so much. 

In giving a concession to my poor “slammed in the big metal door toe”, I was sitting with my foot up, watching some television.  I was reminded once again of how fleeting life can be. There are some givens with life, as follows. 

1. We all die. 

2. We never know when this may happen. 

3. Some know how (disease) 

4. Most of us don’t 

Thusly, I think of one of my favorite lines.  I have no idea who came up with it, but here it is.  “Life is not the number of breaths you take, but the number of times that take your breath away”.   Hmmmm, I have not typed that out before, and something does not look quite right.  Oh well.  I think you get the idea, right ?  Live in the moment, not where you hope you will be next year, or in five years.  Don’t be the person who leaves a special nightgown in it’s paper with the dear card from your husband……..waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it.  If you live like that, you may well never find that “perfect” moment.  Because the next time it gets out of the drawer is when someone is taking your stuff to the thrift store……Kind of an ongoing “bucket list” per se.  Being kind, living each day like it was your last ?  Those things don’t come out of thin air, they come from people who have faced their own mortality and come to accept it. 

Just enjoy life.  Enjoy who you are.  If you don’t like something, as long as you have another day – you can change.  You can make a difference, if only to your cat or dog.  Or go out and help the world, whatever is your passion. Because we all have passions, it just takes some people time to figure out they have them.  

Pay tribute to those that have gone before us by enjoying our lives NOW. 

I have a little plaque that I have had for many years, likely since I was 13 ? 14 ?  It is a quote from Fred Allen.  It says…… 

“You only live once.  But if you work it right, once is enough”.  

I have always liked that, it just took me a lot of years and mileage emotionally to “get it”.  Now go out and enjoy your family, friends, pets, etc.