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Hmmm, let me look into this and I will get back to you soon !

I talk to my animals. All of them. And not just when one may be stepping on my foot (or heaven forbid THAT toe ). I sing to them at times too, and am always grateful that we don’t have neighbors nearby. That would put a severe crimp in my interaction with them all VBG ! My chickens are great help. They follow me to wherever I am going, and look into any and all matters I bring up. Or that they get into. I can talk to them, and like all of my animals, they listen, are not judgmental and can help me by listening and not giving me any grief about what I am mulling. Horses are the best for crying on, they stand and listen. My 22 year old mare Rusty, who I have had since before she was foaled, listens best of all. She also has given my hugs with her head and neck when I was in the depths of despair over my husbands illness and subsequent death. Great therapists they all are.

Tweetie, overseer of all things chicken and otherwise !

This happened this morning, true story.

So, the woman picked up the box of frozen leaf spinach for her goat, collected the newspaper and commented to her pet chicken ” I am going in to read about my friend in the paper now”.    Ha !  True !  I just did that 🙂

Next week begins the Survivor All Stars.  I have an acquaintance who participated in this show, Benjamin “Coach” Wade.  Good luck to him this time around.  Maybe he will win.  Maybe he will get voted off first.  Who knows ?  All I do know is that this time, I am going to have to watch that  show…….