Heron looking for breakfast - Puget Sound, August 09

I do, really.  Standing overlooking things, wondering what is just below the surface.  For me, in years past, the “water”  below the surface was clouded so darkly that it was impossible to know what was coming.  Now, life is in better order, not easier order on some levels, but more obvious.  My sister is doing very well, mom’s back is healing.  My son is busy being himself 🙂  Me ?  I am sorting, tossing, writing, enjoying my horses and goats and chickens ….cats and life.

Our friend Carol and family are jetting off to the islands soon – escaping the crush that the Olympics bring to their city.  I was thinking about that – going from what is now comfortable hovering around freezing for the high temp, to go to the islands.  I would suffer culture shock once again no doubt.  One day I may venture there.  Or go on a cruise.  But for now, I am happy here, getting the next step in order.  Writing, family, critters.  Not always in that order, but enjoyable nonetheless.

It is blue skies here today, icy, some crunchy snow. 

Enjoy your day !