No, not me.  I am still in the high country of desert and snow.  This is just a gorgeous shot though.  A fellow that I have met several times is on one of the LA based daytime dramas……..and he is on the “Soap Cruise” that fans participate in.  He was so happy to be going, and I grabbed this photo from his Twitter feed.  His name is Christian LeBlanc.  This was leaving Miami.   Makes me wish I were there too !  NO SNOW ON THE GROUND !  **  sighs **  Oh well.  You can follow Christian at CJLeBlanc on Twitter if you are so inclined 🙂

It was actually warmer yesterday, just above freezing for the most part when I was outside working it seemed.  Looking forward to spring of course. 

Best get moving, been busy with family and writing of course 🙂

Enjoy your day !