With sunrises like this who needs electricity ?

Well, we do, especially if one wants to blog – or upload photos.  We have had a series of outages,  and while that puts a stop to all things electric, including having water, at least we have our woodstove to keep us warm.  The weather here is challenging, tough to live in at times.  I look forward to once again living in a milder climate.  Whine whine whine.  Ok, enough of that.

Today, on the horse racing front, on a good note, Barbaro’s brother Lentanor broke his maiden on the turf yesterday.  Their owners, the Jacksons also released the sad news, that the filly foal that Barbaro’s dam was carrying was lost.  Sometimes mares just lose foals.  This mare is getting older and it can begin to become a pattern, be it hormonal or structural.  A sad day for the legions of Barbaro fans, but having the brother win yesterday takes a tiny bit of the sting out of the sad news.  Life goes on though….

A female  labrador dog is to be reunited today with her owner.  An older dog, she ran off after deer.  The deer apparently took exception to this and whacked the dog a good one, gashing her side and giving her a lot of bruising.  She appeared at a house of a friend of mine, a nurse, who took her to the vet (who stitched her up), then the shelter.  My friend who is the a/c officer and runs the shelter told me about her – and asked me to listen this am to  our local radio show that people go on to sell things or look for lost pets at times.  I heard the owner looking for  her dog on the air and called her – she was overjoyed to hear her dog was going to be ok.  The dog was a nice girl, she went to  my friend, then right into her house and laid on her own dog’s bed by the fire.  Quite a character !

My wild white cat Kona was injured several days ago, getting caught on a piece of plastic chicken wire that was tacked securely on a post.  How she did it I have no idea.  All I know is that I found her in time, and while a wild WILD cat, she lay still while I cut her loose…..her ligaments in her “wrist” are hurt and hopefully will heal ok.  Poor girl.  She went right under the house, and I have seen her once, and the food I leave for her is eaten.  After surviving the coyote or whatever had attacked her before she appeared here a couple of years ago, I know she is one tough little cat. Oh !  She just appeared, and is having her breakfast.  I am glad to see her.

Enjoy your hopefully no more rain or snow Saturday !