Yesterday, while sitting outside talking on the phone to my sister, I observed the clouds doing weird things.  Coming from the mountains, they usually just go right over our place on their way to wherever they go.  Yesterday, they came overhead, turned left, lazed around in a half circle and headed back to the mountains !  Circular ?  Ok then…….I should have grabbed the camera, as they were stark black, then brilliant white, then all shades in between.  Magnificent.  Yesterday night, gale force winds. Rain. Yesterday, sprinkles all day, with those clouds.  Rain last night.  Today, sprinkles, and brilliant sun, and dull gray clouds scudding by.  Never boring here – the locals told us when we first moved her if we didn’t like the weather, wait five minutes.  They were right.

Tonight, it is clear, then cloudy.  The owls have returned each evening, sitting on the stolen hawk nest…….or does it make it the owl nest since they raised their owlet last season there ?  It has kept the hawks away, and as long as the owls leave my cat and chickens alone, they are welcome to stay.  So entertaining to hoot at them, I confuse the Mr.Owl…..he strafed me one evening, looking to see WHAT was hooting at them

Well, tomorrow is another day, hopefully I will get more done than I did today !  Enjoy the evening, and stay warm !