Well, for the first time in 7 years, I managed to just about smoke us out of our own home with the woodstove.  I lit it as I have hundreds of times before.  Tonight it lit, and smoke poured into the room.  Yes the flue was open !!! No, it is not a modern stove.  It was likely installed in 1905 when the house was built.  So……..I had to air out the house three times tonight and I give up, if I could scoop all the embers and partially burned wood out of the stove and dump it in the snow I would……..but I am neither that tricky, lucky or desperate.  It will burn itself out and I will have to get up and close the window that has the window fan in it. It is 65 degrees in the living room WITH THE FAN ON !  Whatever.  I know that the weather affects this at times, and I can tell you that when I opened the window to put the fan in, the wind was quite windy coming in the window. It was over riding the fan, and I had to block off the sides to keep the smoke going OUT.  Whyever this happened, it better forget it for another 7 years !

Hope you are warm and smoke free wherever you are !