From mid 2008

Long day, into the big city for a check up for mom’s back first, then some much needed shopping.  Returned in time to feed and check the ranch.  Still need to find dinner……got the woodstove going nicely at least.

The shot above was taken with my Kodak DX6490 in mid 2008.  Beautiful moon !

Today, the elevator in the parking garage in the city was weird…..parked on the second level.  Got in, hit the button for the first level.  Went UP and didn’t notice, got out on the third floor of the structure.  Got to wait in the cold with mom until the thing came back for us.  Went next door to the doctors office.  Up the elevator to the second floor, no problem.  When we left, we got in, I hit the button for the first floor.  The elevator went UP again, to the third floor, then down to the first floor.  Weird I tell you !  Almost got on the highway going to the wrong city too, and I rarely do things like that.  I always have things mapped out in my mind beforehand.  Oh well.  Time for bed and I still need to get dinner for us……hope you all had a good day today !