Never having much reason to watch awards shows…… tonight I did.  A fellow I know attended the People’s Choice awards show in Los Angeles tonight.  I kiddingly said to him say hi to Johnny Depp for me……and JD  won for best male motion picture actor.  And JD was THERE to accept it.  Ah but to be on my friends arm tonight.  Oh well.  I hope he had a great time. CBS  announced the new cast of Survivor – All Stars, and he is a cast member – Ben Wade that is.  Hope he does win this time around ! I never watched that show before the local boy was on it…….and since curiosity was what compelled me to watch at all…….now I have to watch and root for Ben. 

Best get to bed, have to drive into the city tomorrow.  Hoping the freezing rain passes us by, don’t need that on the road !  After the doctor appt, we get to go to Trader Joes 🙂 which is wonderful.

Night !