Lilacs December 2009


Once the temperature falls again, becomes the land of plate ice.  Not a great thing.  Today I spent some time getting rid of ice on the pathways around here. My chickens thought I had lost it.  They kept getting underfoot looking UNDER the ice for tasty bits.  Ever do any gardening when chickens are around ?  OMG.  Watch where you move, they are shadowing close by.  Did you dig something up ?  They will remove the dirt from the root ball.  Rake leaves into a pile ?  Well, they specialize in deconstructing leaf piles.  They can broadcast leaves faster and farther than you can WITH a rake.  People actually build a little flat cage on wheels, with enough headroom for the chickens.  They call this contraption a “chicken tractor”……..which is quite fitting, as the ladies turn all the soil up looking for bugs etc.  Once the “chicken tractor” is built, then the ladies are shown to their work spot, and the door closed with them inside.  Once supplied with water and a bit of shade, they can really do a lot of bug removal.  Then at night, they are let out and they go back to their coop.  The chicken tractor is moved to another spot, and the ladies go to work in a different spot the next day and so on until the debugging or weeding is finished.  Quite the busy critter chickens are.  So much fun to watch though, even if they are too helpful at times.  My tiny Serema hen, the Brownest Chicken in the World (that is her name, and she knows it), followed me to the house the other day when there was just snow and nothing else.  I hear the distinctive “buuck buuck” sound she makes, and she was up for following me into the mudroom – which is a nice idea for her, but I don’t let the chickens in.  If they had their way, they would come in, deconstruct everything, and roost on the couch by the wood stove I am sure.  All in a day’s work for the chicky ladies ! Anyway, I got a dry bread crust and gave her a treat.  She knows she is special, and knows not to make the jubilant sound the other hens make when fed treats.  You see, if you are a chicken, and you yell that you are having a great treat, ALL the other chickens come on the run, and you have to share.  Brownest knows better.  Here she is in the summertime…….. 

The Brownest Chicken in the World 

Darling little hen she is, I always enjoy her company whenever she isn’t too busy to supervise.  Being the smallest hen here, she looks to me, as the “bigger chicken” to protect her from the rudeness that the big hens often share with her.  She likes the attention, and always provides entertainment for me.  I just really enjoy these cute birds, they never fail to make me smile or laugh.  I am oftentimes glad that the neighbors are not closer, as if they could hear me chatting with the chicky ladies they would likely send for the men with the white coats for me VBG ! 

Enjoy your second evening of twenty ten, or two oh one oh or twothousandten………whatever you call it, it’s got to be better than 2009 !