The great horned owl mom and owlet May 2009

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The owls have been having a lot to say lately.  The parent owls zoom around, and it does keep the hawks away from our yard.  While I sort of  appreciate that,  the chickens get tired of hiding under the lilac trees.  Not that the owls won’t eat the chickens too, they just make it known to the chicky ladies that there is danger out there – so they hide from everything.   The owls are more interested in being proprietory of the former hawk nest, which I am sure they have their eyes on to nest in the spring again.

Kona is still with us, refuses to let me near, but will let me feed her.  She has never meowed, she only hisses at me.  So I don’t expect after all this time for her to become a pet…… worries me having her outside, especially with the weather so bad.  I have seen her go under the house, which is colder than the freezer I think.  I made a bed for her over by the tack room in my old barn, and have been seeing tracks in the snow, so I hope that is where she sleeps now. difficult existence for a cat.  Here she is in warmer times – also May of this year.

Kona the wild cat under the lilac trees

Her babies that I hand raised (syringe fed, aka bottle fed from 3 weeks of age) are the best pets ever.  Little Girl remains the overseer of the siblings.  I cannot believe that in March they will be two years old.  Where does the time GO ?  I was looking through my photo files, and this photo of Little Girl shows the attitude that shines through, no matter what she is doing.  She is THE queen obviously !

Little Girl October 2008

Reminiscing takes time and I don’t have enough of it, especially since I am still feeding my friend’s animals in town…… best get to it.

Enjoy your day !