A dream vacation........just one of many things this year brought


I have discovered that even in the depths of financial difficulties, there are indeed silver linings. Or gold. Or whatever you value most.  After booking a vacation house for a week a year previous, it was either make it work, or lose my deposit.  We made it work.  We drove, and had fun doing it. We met good friends, and met new people.  All have left an indelible mark of joy on our time in Port Orchard WA.  I had the audacity to get sick when I was there, but still enjoyed our time.  The photography possibilities were endless and breathtaking.  Nothing like the Puget Sound at dawn.  The photo above was of the “artist studio” that my son got to call home while we were there.  It was all in a word – perfect.  It was so important to carry through this vacation.  Carol came from BC to stay with us for a couple of days.  We attended some of Cedar Cove days, saw Debbie Macomber, who remembered us “the girls from Janesville” – such fun. We met Susan Wiggs face to face finally, such a great time we had.  We love the area, and we will  move there once something changes for us.  Anyway, this year was full of surprises, some great, some not.  My sister was injured terribly in her motorcycle racing wreck, but she is continuing to recover magnificently.  She is at home now, doing therapy at the rehab near her home.    A big step for her to get back home to her cats 🙂  Mom had two surgeries for her back, and she continues to recover. I managed to get out with “only” a broken tooth, from grinding my teeth – Stress ? ya thing ???  During that time I had support from afar, from all my friends – even new ones. I will always appreciate that so much.  As for me, I continue to write, pursuing the dream of becoming published sooner than later VBG !   

To everyone out there, enjoy the holidays, and hug your family close.