To blue skies !

Remarkable.  I began this blog to keep myself focused – which has worked to some extent.  I read other’s blogs, which range from too personal to just wonderful to  so impersonal that one almost has to read the title to see who wrote it.  Through this blog, you have learned of my constant struggle to keep up with chores, improvements and daily life here on a rural ranch in the desert area of northeastern California.  Of my family’s quest to regain health – mom’s back surgery, my sister the miracle of the year – btw she is HOME now,  still recovering from her head injury sustained in her motorcycle racing crash at the end of September.  No reason at all for her to be here, except this is what was supposed to be.  My neck and it’s interesting bend…..had yet another MRI the other day.  Another amazed tech.  Whatever.  I am here for a reason, and I enjoy each and every day.   You have listened to me and my fascinations – Family.  Life.  Animals and rescue.  Writing.  Whatnot.  Always liked that word.  So, through all the travails of our lives, here’s to blue skies, dreams, love and hope.  So, thank you for reading along here – stay warm, enjoy your day and hug your family close !