Now that I have been subscribed to Twitter for some time, there are some things that have changed – for the better.  My “high profile” friends with babies no longer tweet their exact whereabouts.  THANK YOU GIRLS !  It was terrible  to read and worry for your safety.  The farmers market NEXT to the studio has no protection for you and the kids.  Now I can enjoy the tweets from NBC 🙂   Now, this morning, I had to laugh.  Over the course of the time I have been tweeting, I have seen the following.

Updates from my favorite friends and authors.

Elizabeth Taylor thanking a store for carrying her jewelry line.

The astronaut whose twitter name is Astro Mike commenting on life.  His kids games, soccer I think……but most interestingly, he tweeted from Rome last night.  A midnight stroll, very romantic.  Eating pizza in Rome.  Oh yes, and meeting Pope Benedict and presenting him with a Vatican flag and photo that went up on the spaceshuttle with him……uh ok………

Actors, writers, producers who previously were pretty much impossible to contact aside from sending a snail mail letter, who are now emailing asking how I liked the show (this after I emailed one and congratulated him on landing such a plumb role, and making it his own).  That fellow is intelligent, which is always such a relief… is an odd window into so many diverse lives.  I didn’t really like Twitter at first, but have come to appreciate the oddities that have sprung from it. 

Writers and their dogs.  An errant spaniel.  An amazing Doberman.  Chickens. Ok, well they are MY chickens, but they are right up there on the entertainment scale 🙂  John Cleese, who will always be funny.

So many things to read.  However there is a quote that haunts me – reportedly from the last great Kate Duffy.  It is……Get off the internet and write !  Which I keep in mind all the time.  Finding time to write is part of the process.  I love writing and have so much to get down in type…..I still have a cracked pipe to repair then I hope the season will settle down.

The cute tree image at the top was from  They offer some free downloads for crafts.  I thought it was nice and if I were talented a quilt like that would be cool to make.  But I am not.  I bake !

Enjoy your day.