Canada goose at wildlife rehabbers

One of the Canada geese at the wildlife rehabbers

This is one of the geese who came to stay while my friend the wildlife rehabber was out of town some time ago.  The goose obviously knows me, as birds remember anyone who gives them food VBG 🙂  He honks and talks the whole time I am there.  There are two others, all have had wing damage from a fox or something getting them as young birds.  They are from this year and hopefully they will grow full flight feathers in the spring.  They are magnificent creatures.  If they are disabled for good, it would be so tempting to give them a permanent home.  I would however have to apply for a permit and pay a fee.  The sounds they make are just wonderful.  We have always loved seeing them fly over.  The place we live is part of a migratory flyway near a lake/marsh area.  The snow geese have been buzzing around, usually I only hear them. They were flying over when it was snowing quite hard the other day.  Beautiful creatures.

Thought it would be nice to put up something other than bitching about the weather **smiles**

Enjoy your day all !