The view out my front door this morning

Really.  So much white stuff.  The paths I had cut in the previous snowfall are covered and the wild birds are looking at the snow covered feeder like ” What ????”  So many different kinds of birds, I need to look a few of them up.  That however has to take a back seat to the more pressing chores.  Perhaps later.  Our house water is thinking about getting back to normal operation.  No sign of broken pipes thank heavens.  Now if only the toilet tank would refill….I could hear ice in the line when I was in there this am !  Funny clinking and no water yet.  Have hot water in the tub and sink…….but no cold.  Not suprising, we have about 40 year old heat tape on that pipe, and I have been wondering when it might fail.  I have my answer now, it failed this week, just before the main line to the house froze.  Oh well.  Now if there were any to buy in the county we could have the neighbor replace it…..but that would involved digging out the crawl space and the cover……which is all frozen neatly into place as of now.  Perhaps in the future 🙂  Right after I figure out how to post thumbnail photos that will enlarge instead of the size I posted these as……….. oh haha, I just figured out that if one clicks on the photos, it does just that………

Break between the arrival of more white stuff

  Stay warm and enjoy your weekend all, I am off to feed and check the out of doors !