Oh brother.  Oh and I was wrong, it was – 18 yesterday night.   It was -19 last night.  Oh, it has warmed up to -12 !  Whoo ho !  This type of cold only comes every so often.  Most recently in the early 1990’s.  Aghhh.

Yesterday all I did was move wood, work on helping to get mom’s well unfrozen…….she still does not have water to the house.   Did chores of course, went to town, got some things paid and sorted out.  I managed to forgot to buy some things for me to eat.  Duh.  Tomorrow mom has an appt in town, so will get to the market again then.  The biggest, best thing that has happened in the last week was that my sister got to go HOME on Saturday !  She will still be going to therapy for the brain injury, but she is a walking miracle.  She was so lucky.  The rehab center was just the right one, centering on returning the patient to the previous level of function, not just getting them to go home.  She is cleared to drive, and soon will be back in the swing of things.  What a blessing. 

On a personal note, I got to meet an internet friend for coffee last week.  He is just as I had thought he would be, and I quite enjoyed chatting with him.  I have to remember to do things for just me, and this filled the bill nicely 🙂

Hope everyone can stay warm, hug your family and enjoy your day !