My poor animals.  If I had the ability to bring them inside, I would.  Makes my living room at 50 degrees absolutely balmy.  OMG.

The horses and goats knew this was coming, their winter coats are drastic compared to the other years we have been here.  The tv station is saying nothing like this in 10 years .

I just pray that everyone out there is ok, and that this does not last long. Who am I kidding ?  This has already been too longAnother night like this on tap for tonight……..oh, and it may warm up to 25 today !

More later, it is too cold in here to keep typing.  My hands are about done from all the shoveling etc the last two days.  Thinking of finding a hand held tape recorder to “talk” my book into.  Frustrating.  I know , at least we have a roof  over our head, food in the kitchen.  So many do not, I am thankful for what we do have.  I hear the plow again, one thing I haven’t done is look to see new snow cover, but with it this cold I bet there were no clouds to do that……..stay warm all, we will make a trip to town later on for essentials.