The beginning.


Ah, it is finally upon us.  Literally.  Yesterday was filled with shoveling, sweeping and generally making sure that the place didn’t freeze solid and that if something does go wrong we can get into the various buildings necessary to fix whatever comes up.  Lights hung and on in the pump houses so the water to the house does not freeze.  Check lights daily on my mom’s side of the property.  Mine is below ground, which necessitates clearing a “lid” or cover of all snow.  about 5 foot square.  I don’t check it unless we lose our water, then I know the light is out.  Too difficult to do anything more than that.  Two lights hung in the chicken coop.  If one blows out then the other will keep them from freezing.  Fresh water to the stock is a tough one, if you use a hose, it has to be drained and kept off the ground, so I end up hand carrying water which is well, difficult.   

Why all the complaining ?  Because I am Southern California born and bred.  I lived there for 30 years.  Rain ? Yes.  Heat ?  Yes yes.  Turn the thermostat for the heater, it comes on.  None of this hauling in 20 pieces of wood a day to try and keep the pipes from freezing.  The next load of wood I am opting to put in front of the house, next to the enclosed front porch.  Right adjacent to the FRONT DOOR.  Like the one that opens through the porch into the LIVING ROOM.  As in the ROOM THE WOODSTOVE IS LOCATED IN.  Kapish ?  Like, don’t haul the wood all the way through the house piece by piece or in a wood carrier.  Ah, now that will be great.  Of course this next step follows the clearing of the front walk, gate and area next to  the enclosed front porch……..and hauling two pallets over. But hey, once it is done, it will be much better, even if the snow will blow in the front door.  Bitch bitch bitch. Sorry.  

One would think that after seven plus years here I would have come to terms with winter. No.  Not even close.  Funniest thing about this ?  In looking for a place to move to when we were still in central California, we  began looking for property in an area that offered the following.  Not as hot in the summer (fine, that is the good part) Some snow in the winter.  Read “some”.  Some years ago, we got 4 1/2 feet of snow.  It stayed for about SEVEN weeks.  I was getting depressed, and that is a first for me, climate induced depression.  You know it is bad when a person cheers wildly when driving to town in the vast whiteness and sees………the tips of the buckbrush starting to emerge !!!!!  OMG.   

I am on my second round of shoveling today, going to get the  front ready for some wood.  

Hope you are all warm and comfy wherever you are reading this !  Enjoy your day anyway !