For the past several months, I had a sore jaw. On and off.  Headaches, and I am not a person who has ever had much in the way of headaches.  Never had trouble with my teeth.  I had the thought I was clenching my teeth at night perhaps……but then…..I just didn’t know.

 Then, last Friday.  OMG.  Suddenly I had a whole new appreciation of people who do have tooth problems.  Yikes !

 So, finally, an emergency appt at a, well, not advanced dentist.  Their panoramic camera was broken and had been apparently for several weeks.  They took two single tooth x-rays.  Dentist looked in my mouth for a second (ok, maybe 5. He never did meet my eyes).  Informed me the tooth is dead and must come out.  Huh ?  Out the door I went to a dentist my mom and son had gone to .  Made an appt for myself, and went yesterday. Talk about a state of the art dentist !!! First, x-rays were taken by their panoramic camera.  We then walked into another room, and the gal says “let me develop these”.  I watched over her shoulder as she brought the just done film on the computer screen, told it to print a film, and sent the images to a tablet on the counter next to the exam chair !!!!  Digital of course. After a chat with the dentist and a close look at the films, he determined this.  With my stress level, and what I had told him about the time leading up to this tooth crisis…….that he would say I am clenching or grinding my teeth in my sleep.  Of course I brightly said to him “but I haven’t been aware of doing that”…and he laughs and says “no, because you are asleep :)”.  Duh. So, $25.00 later for a new high tech off the shelf mouth guard…….I fitted it and slept in it.  This am I feel pretty good, of course I am taking the ibuprofen still.  If I had not gone to the GOOD dentist, I may have had that tooth out for nothing, and it was good to hear the GOOD dentist tell me my teeth are strong, and that it has been my stress load.  Stress ?  What stress ? VBG !

It is supposed to be in the single digits by early next week.  Oh joy.  Better plug in the heat tape for my bathroom pipes and the light in the pump house so that stays good.  Brrrrrrrr !  Enjoy your day and stay warm !