One day not long ago, I noticed these interesting vest things in WalMart.  I walked past and would have eventually been on the floor laughing – but alas, the store was full of crabby people shopping before Thanksgiving.  To me (and mom too) these vests became what the  “old lady who had the figure of the fried egg hanging on a nail” would wear fashion of the day.

Maybe you would have had to be there.  Trust me, I was dying laughing !!!

My internet was out, but died just after sending off 3 chapters and synopsis to an agent 🙂  Been busy – best update is that my sister may go home to her own house on Friday or Saturday !  Miracles do happen !

Have been milking 2 dairy goats and feeding various dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits for our wonderful neighbors.  They have stepped in to help when we have gone on our vacations, and picked up my chores when my appendix decided it had to come out that very day several years ago.  There never seems to be anything I can do to compensate them (aside from the occasional baked goods), oh and once the snow flies (and settles) they come and scrape my driveway, and my mom’s 200 foot driveway……..just always seeming to help.  They say it is just about being  good neighbors.  So, now I can help for once and it makes me very happy.  Then it will be off to town for a bit of necessary shopping before my dentist appointment.  Have a cracked wisdom tooth, and I will find out what can be done if anything aside from extraction.  Oh the joy of it.  Have to do something, for most of the last week I have been living on cottage cheese, yogurt and last night I chopped up a  1/4 cup of chile and melted cheese on it.  Chile slurry.  Yummy.  Actually, anything other than cottage cheese at this point was great……

Best get back to getting ready to go outside, maybe it is above 20 degrees now !  Hope so……..

Stay warm and enjoy your day !