A restful retreat - loved the shadows on the wall.....

There are so many things that happened this year.  Some amazingly wonderful, some very tragic.  The way we are all intertwined is part of the human condition.  We live, we love, we help or turn away.  Some run in when others are running away for their lives.  We embrace life, we encourage others to participate in the joy of being alive.  Sometimes it helps.  Sometimes not.  Each one of us determines the path we follow.  Outside influences can make or break some folks.  Some bend to others demands.  Others stay the course, ignore the naysayers. Stubborn.  I am stubborn.  For the first time in my life, I am doing something that others like.  Writing.  In that, I find my self in an extremely strange position.  I have worked at a number of different jobs.  I once took a test to determine what job I was most qualified for.  This was part of a “retraining” program after one job ended.  I took the test along with a room full of other folks.  The instructor passed back the tests and she asked me to stay and talk to her afterwards.  My test didn’t indicate any one or two different jobs.  I stayed, and once the others filed out of the room, she turned to me and exclaimed that she had been doing this for 14 years, and I was the only person she ever tested that literally was qualified for any job! Hmmm, well ok then ! In some ways this has helped, well I suppose in a lot of ways it helps.  I am full of useless information.  Useless unless someone needs to know something I have stuffed in my brain…….or now I can put some of it to use in my books !

Life is so short, people come and go.  Hang onto those you love and enjoy this time we have.  Be thankful, be grateful. Just enjoy.