Tonight, once it warms up in here a bit, I have a new office chair to put together.  Our house is a bit mixed up – I have my computer on the dining room table.  I sit on a regular dining chair to type, blog write.  I sit on two pillows.  However, since I have been writing more than I had been, I realize that my typing position is not good.  My arms are bitching at me, and I don’t blame them.  I went to town and brought home an economy steno chair.  Black.  Need to assemble asap.

Shopping for thanksgiving tomorrow, taking mom to lunch (or she is taking me) to the tearoom in town.  They are reopening (yeah !) and this is to “test” the new menu.  As long as they have their tomato bisque soup, I will be happy !  Then to pick up bundles of outdated newspapers from the paper office…….and some other stuff which means nothing to anyone else – so I need to quit rambling and get dinner done, so I can put my chair together !

It is cold, and we have plenty of wood inside for the stove 🙂  Always a good feeling.  Now to get the stove going enough to warm this house up !

Stay warm all !