From March of 2007

The view out my window this morning is white…….whiteness from snow that came with a bang yesterday.  There was perhaps only four inches, and it rained later, so it is all rather moonscape like………whatever.  This means there is enough of the white stuff to use my sled to take hay out to the horses, which I highly appreciate.  We bought this sled at Big5 perhaps 6, maybe 7 years ago.  Best thing we have bought for outdoor use.  I have moved about everything you can imagine on this sled.  In fact, now that I think about it, there is a hole in it that I have worn in the bottom that I have to patch.  Onto the to do list it goes ! Writing going well, happily I am making good progress.  Sending first three chapters out to agents/publishers as requested next week ! 

Enjoy your day and stay warm !