For the Mountain Lifeflight crew – our local medical transport helicopter.  The craft lost power just after 2 am early Saturday morning and crashed.  Three men were killed, they had just left a patient at one of the big city hospitals and were returning to base.   There were more people at the helipad at the hospital than I had ever seen in one place in town.  We have a small town, and the outpouring of support is truly amazing.  Mom and I counted up a long list of people who had been saved by the helicopter transport crew.  Very sad, but such strength in the people.  Of course all the police, fire and ambulance crews were there.  Afterwards, I lost it when I noticed that the hospital’s flags were at half staff.  Wahhhhh !!!!!!  OMG to lose fellow first responders is just tragic.  I am an EMT you see, not currently certified, but I could revive you, package you up and get you transported safely and efficiently still 🙂  It’s funny, I am really adamant about not liking people, but the thing I have done most in my life  is help people.  Go figure.

It’s not too cold, but there is a storm moving in.  Of course there is.  Before we left for the memorial, I unloaded about two-thirds of my wood cart.  Now it is in front of the front door………and there is something like a 90% chance of rain.  Of course.  It will just have to wait there and pretend it doesn’t rain.  Because I am too tired to deal with it now.

Goodnight !