lots and lots of leaves.  Which is fine, but I have this thing about picking them ALL up.  That way it looks neat when I look out the kitchen window, you know ?  I would show you some photos, but WordPress still is being crabby.  The other real reason I rake them all up is that if I leave them on the ground, and it snows, then it melts, then it freezes……one is left with ice on top of slush.  And guess what ? It is dangerously slippery if one happens to walk that way…..so I prevent the whole mess by the raking ritual.  Falling is not an option, under any circumstance.

Today, I would write, get stiff in the chair, go outside and rake leaves.  Pick up the leaf piles before the chicky ladies would come and deconstruct the piles.  (No respectable chicken EVER would leave a leaf pile alone !)  They spread all the raked leaves out very neatly.  Which once again is fine, but I already had it like that.  Maybe it is their way to let me know what is the proper way to decorate under the lilac trees……..

Cold, woodstove going, way way behind on emails.  Sorry all, in a dead run to get this stuff written so I can get it submitted !