Well, now I have done it.

I broke my rule. 

I watched a new show on network television…..and I LIKED IT !  You know what that means……………it is  CANCELLED.  Of course.

I have six more episodes on my DVR to watch still.  You see, I never do this.  I didn’t even watch Grey’s Anatomy the first few years – not once – and I love medical shows.  I just HATE IT when I get hooked and then it gets cancelled.  It happened enough times I figured it was the kiss of death to the show.   Actually, I didn’t set out to watch Eastwick.  I don’t usually watch supernatural stuff at all and if it had vampires in it well, it never would have aired in my house.  But, due to the fact that it came on when I had fallen asleep with the television on the first night it was on…….and I found I was not really asleep – I sat up and watched it.  Then set the DVR to record any new episodes.  When last night, when I realized it was after the first week in November, my industry antenna went up, and I checked.  Yep.  Eastwick, despite good reviews, excellent writing and good actors (including a guy who looks more like Johnny Depp than JD at times)……is cancelled.  I hate ABC.  I loved the show “Men In Trees “- which was Anne Heche playing a relationship coach/ writer whose relationship was not what she thought and she runs to a tiny town in Alaska…………and ABC jerked it around time slot and day to air wise and axed it without any warning.  Grr.  Unfair to those who work on these shows, and of course to the viewers. 

So, I am sorry Eastwick !  This was an entertaining show  Here was a few lines in the second or third episode.  The actress Rebecca Romjin says “Oh, this is like being in hell !”  and the leading man says in a very off the cuff way “Oh, I can think of worse places – Los Angeles for example”.  Yep.  Being originally from LA, I found that funny.  Predictable but hey, this is TV.    So much detail in the set design and effects.  Cybil Shepherd was playing a small part……which I find funny for some reason too 🙂  I would bet that the rest of the episodes never get to see the light of day.  Bummer.