The weather folk are predicting snow on the valley floor by tomorrow.  Just thought I would post another cheery lilac photo before the whiteness of  the season sets in. 

lilacs zoomed 2

Our lilacs this year

Life is so short – people rush about their daily lives……..until a defining moment hits them between the eyes.  A health issue.  A sudden passing of a loved one.  Nothing like the sudden tilt to the heavens of our lives.  I have had that happen a few too many times through the years.  Plus, I have an unsurgically stabilized broken neck.  So………each day I wake up and can move to see the clock is an excellent day. 

Snow on the way apparently.  I have hay in the barn, the coop is set for the winter and after a jaunt to town for supplies, I will settle in and write.  Life does get in the way, but I have been able to write each day anyway.  It is that important to me.

Enjoy your day !