Our friends the owls have returned.........

Here I go once again, several topics scrambling for the top billing.  Oh well.  Yes, the dry deep cold has returned.  Time to light the chicken coop, so I don’t end up with chickscicles.  But really ? 19 degrees ? OMG.  I carried water out to the sparrows and assorted birds waiting for the bird bath to thaw.  They are out there drinking and it kills me when it is like 25 degrees and they are out there BATHING in it……..brrrrrrrrrr! 

The owl pair has returned.  The owl baby from last season is with them, and it has some sort of speech problem.  It screels for lack of a better term.  It does not hoot, it makes this ungodly noise.  Does not concern the parents at all, but I am betting that it is not being met with open wings by any prospective mates……what a sound !  I wonder what is wrong with it.  I heard this after it fledged several times.  I ran outside to see what was making that sound.  There sat the owl baby, who was by that time a teenaged owl, and then he or she made that sound again !  Yikes !  I truly hope it finds a mate elsewhere and lives anywhere but above my roof.  It was an adjustment to get used to the parent owls living in the hawk nest as anyone who has read my blog will recall. 

Zenyatta, the amazing Thoroughbred racemare won again yesterday.  Extended her career wins to 14, she is undefeated.  Yesterday her win came in the Breeder’s Cup Classic at my favorite track Santa Anita, defeating all colts, including my favorite boy, Mine That Bird.  He came back sound and will get a well deserved rest.  Way to go Zenyatta !  We don’t see horses like this often, and it has been a pleasure to see her continue to do so well.  Blowing the doors off the Kentucky Derby winner, and so many top class boys with such ease.  Nice. Very nice.  My old friend Trevor Denman called the race, and I have never in the 20 + years he has been calling have I heard such emotion in his voice …….as she made up tremendous ground, in the last 1/8 of a mile, Trevor just strung out the words “Zenyatta is un ——be——lieve—–a——ble !!!!!!!!!

Indeed Trevor, she is just that.

Stay warm folks !