A fox like the one that was knocked into tomorrow….

I began the morning by picking up a dead fox out of the road, right in front of my house.

Now how many bloggers start with THAT line ??????? Not many I hope.

Sad but true.  Every morning,  I survey the surroundings, which includes checking to see if any poor animals were hit during the night on the raceway, err highway in front of our place.  We are on 7 acres and have hundreds of feet of road frontage.  Which at times is a real drag, especially when something does get pegged by a semitruck.  Last year I picked up/moved two of three dogs owned by our former neighbor across the road.  The third dog, the neighbor picked up.  He no longer owns dogs, plus he moved.  Nice man but really clueless about the road.  The REASON I do this, is because when critters are hit, they aren’t necessarily dead.  I have moved cats, dogs, smaller deer  and various birds who were just stunned.  Not that it makes the original approach to the body any easier, in fact you have to be on guard.  Nothing like a wild cat becoming aware in your hands when being carried away from the road…….I just cannot drive off or look away if they could still be alive.  I mean really.  Imagine coming home, and finding your cat or dog waiting for you on your front step – it somehow got out of the yard while you were at work, or out of the house when a kid left the door unattended for a second.  The cat or dog is limping but looking at you to help it.  MUCH better than losing your animal and realizing the spot you have been driving past each day WAS your pet.  Just not acceptable.  Ok, off soapbox for now. 

Since removing the shell from my truck, I have been busy as usual.  Today is go to town and pay bills and restock the larder…….enjoy your day !