Black Pearl moored

The Black Pearl moored in San Pedro California

I love the shot of this ship.  It is the Black Pearl, the same one of course used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie ……….you know, with Johnny Depp.  Heehee.  Anyway, I was looking for some other photo to put up here, and found this.  When they were shooting the fight scenes for POTC 3, they spent weeks in San Pedro during production.  Some attentive fans took photos of the ship, and were given the opportunity to get autographs and photo ops with JD.  He always has been very kind to his fan base. 

Today was a day of zipping in and writing, then going back outside to gather up more kindling for winter.  I feel like rather squirrel like, gathering up sticks and twigs.  I have friends here who would give their first-born for a thermostat on the wall that they turn up when it is cold and go sit back on the couch – versus carrying in heavy bags of pellets for the pellet stove and fighting with it to get it filled….or carrying in wood and sticks and twigs to keep us from freezing to death (or having the pipes freeze, not quite sure which would be worse !)  Winter is such a joy !  It can be beautiful, but is is definitely a season that we have to work hard to stay warm and safe when traveling the miles to town.  Back when my husband was ill, he was taken to the hospital in the ambulance.  It was Christmas night, and I was sure I would be able to get him home in the morning – that they would give him some morphine and admit him…….but that was not to be.  I got a call at 2:30 am, that he could go home, that the hospital needed the bed.  So, off I merrily went in my 2 wheel drive truck with my big fat street tires on…it was barely snowing at home, but 4 miles away, it became one of those scenes out of the movies.  You know, when the girl asks herself what in the heck she was doing on the road in this sort of weather.  It was now sleeting and freezing on the road.  I made it almost to town, creeping along so slowly…..when suddenly the truck and I were sliding backwards down the highway…….then we whipped around going the right way again, and right off the embankment.  We came to rest almost totally on our side.  My cell phone was on my purse, which was ON the passengers side door.  Hmmm. I called the hospital and told them I was off the road and would get there when I could.  When the tow truck driver came, he informed me that my left rear wheel was off the ground, and that he was surprised that the truck didn’t roll.  Hey, I had things to do with that truck, in fact it’s steering pulled to the right before this, and once righted, it didn’t pull any more.  Not really what I would recommend as to a fix, but we were ok.  I was told that there were something like 21 cars off the road that night, including a CHP officer in his private 4 wheel drive truck with studded tires.  I didn’t feel quite so dumb then.  So, this former Southern California girl has great respect for the winter season here……..incliment weather does not bother me, but we do pay attention to stocking up on food if there is a big storm coming in.  Ok, off the winter tangent now, hope everyone had a good productive day.

Night !