This is what mom's cat does when bored :)

Writing is easy, it is the world that conflicts with this for me – for all writers I am sure.  Yesterday was one of those do one thing, then realize you have to take care of this next thing, which brings you back to the point of …….what was I doing or trying to get accomplished ? Ha. I have three six foot by twelve foot chain link panels.  Think dog kennel. Or goat enclosure. They are tired and need to be repaired, not easy to sell things needing repair.  So, because I needed a ride home from the airport badly and had zero cash, I promised these panels to my friend who needed them as badly as I needed a ride home.  Good deal.   Except that her longbed truck is almost out of gas, and she has zero cash now until payday.  So, in my usual way of figuring…..I decided that after about five years of having the camper shell on my truck, I would take it off and clean out the bed, which had enough hay and dirt in it to ….well, you get the idea.  Ever take off a camper shell ?  By yourself ?  Fortunately, my truck is a short bed, which I never saw a bit of good side for until looking at the shell and knowing I would never be able to move it if it were indeed a full eight foot bed.  So.  Good.  Short bed.  Four clamps, easily removed.  No problem.  Well, working inside the closed shell in jeans and a thick sweatshirt instead of a t shirt……dumb also, but I was far from the house at this point and I really didn’t care that much.  I stood up bent over to stretch the ole legs, and made the brilliant discovery that I could move the shell to the back of the truck with my shoulders.  I have brilliant ideas at times, this was one of those times.  I moved it back inch by inch, then climbed under it and stood in the bed and lowered it to the ground with it standing up just short of crunching the rear lid handles.  Hmmmm.  Now I realized why people put these things on sawhorses.  Or have a second person helping. Duh. Son was asleep inside (totally nocturnal now aghhh).  Then I realized what I needed was a bale to flip the lid onto, thus avoiding rolling over the handles.  So, I did that.  I will need help to get it back ON the truck, but I solved several problems by removing it.  I can now take the panels to my friends once I tie then in and flag the long load.  I already powerwashed the hay out.  The truck once again looks cool.  Even with the scars from the tree attacking it when it broke and fell almost crushing the cab…….to the scrape I put on the right tail light when I brilliantly had taken mom home when the trailer was attached……..jumped in, started it up popped it into reverse, and turned to back, and OOPS !  Trailer still there idiot.  Dented in the rusted tack door, and added yet more “character” to the truck.  Oh well, red trucks even with scratches still look cool.  Especially without dark blue canopy installed.

Since returning from the writer’s conference, I am focused and so excited to be able to sit down and write.  I had things “click” for me, and I feel somehow validated that other people like what I showed them.  A good thing 🙂  Not that I felt I needed validation, but it just feels so right to write …….and after I deliver these panels today, I can get on with things, like how yesterday started before I got on the “take off the camper shell”  bent.

Oh yes, the cat.  That is Lucy, mom’s kitten.  I took that photo with my cell phone, and when I transferred it to the computer, I had to laugh.  No, the cat is not really hanging on that furniture, just looks like it due to the angle I shot the photo.  This cat below is Mocha, the “whole house cat”.  Mom’s company when I am not there to chat -maybe when I am at home writing ! 🙂

Enjoy the day !