The writer’s conference is coming up.  In BC.  The last time I was in BC, my carry on was a 1969 VW camper bus.  No weight or size limitations.  Good way to travel (the best in my opinion !)  So, now I am flying up, and I have to take essentials.  Great.  Now we deal with things like size, can it be stowed under the seat in front of you ? My purse/bag/computer shoulder killer will – but what to use as the carry on bag………hmmmm.   I have a suitcase that fits the dimensions actually, and I know of no reason I can’t take it as my carry-on.  Do you ? 

A friend posted this link to this YouTube video.  Love it !   It reminds me of the road they “grooved” to play music as people traveled along.  Wonder what happened to that stretch of highway ?  Oh well, lots of questions, and not enough time or coffee to think on now.

Enjoy the day !