I understand spin class.  It is like using the TurboTrainer.  Bolt on your training bike and ride in place.  Usually with music plugged into your ears……but today, I find a “new to me” class.  Not that I am anywhere nearby, but I “follow” Bob Harper on Twitter.  Bob is one of the trainers on Biggest Loser.  He tweeted that he is teaching a spin class at a gym called Crunch.  In looking up Crunch, I not only find it is in the “big” cities, it has it’s share of …….well, interesting classes noted.  In looking through the “action sports” class list for Bob’s class, I see this:

Spectrum Ride  “Spectral Journeys takes you through a meditative Ride class in a room illuminated with a rainbow of colors to enhance your focus on each of the seven chakras.”

Really ?  Oh my I have been away from Los Angeles for tooooo long apparently !  And I thought it was all about just riding for fitness ! What do I know ??

Never did figure out exactly what Bob is teaching………not that it matters.

Ok, on that note, back outside to work on – well everything !

Indian summer day it seems, enjoy !