Do not spill espresso on the stovetop.

Do NOT spill espresso on the stovetop !!

Got that ???

I am now known for drinking my coffee black and admittedly strong.  I love my Bialetti stovetop espresso maker.  It is now several years old, and I have gone through a few gaskets for it.  I chanced upon an aluminum knock off of my Bialetti at the Albertson’s in Port Orchard on our vacation.  It cost ten bucks, and I could NOT pass that up.  It has interchangeable gasket and filter with my older one.  The older one gets pissy sometimes, and clogs it’s steam valve on occasion……at least that is what I believe is up with it.  I had stuck the new pot’s gasket and filter in and been using it.  I chanced upon a bag of Starbucks Espresso coffee…….already ground, not too fine, just perfect.  Ah !  Wonderful coffee.  So, this am, I put it together and went and got on the phone with my sister, who btw is doing very well at her brain rehab place.   Folks, never, and I mean NEVER take anything for granted where life, breathing and function are concerned.  This has been hair raising at times (like for 13 days until her brain began to function more normally).  It can happen to you !  It can happen to your loved ones ! Everyone, please be careful out there, especially in moving vehicles.  Ok, end of PSA – back to the coffee.  So, the steam valve didn’t function, and I began to smell the aroma of toasting coffee ………oh great.  I disassembled it when I was on the phone, with my oven mitts.  THOUGHT I got it sliding again, and put it back together and on the flame.   A bit of time later, toasting coffee aroma again.  So, I was off the phone by then, and took it apart and gracefully dumped the top over, spilling  half an inch of coffee over the stove and the top of my baking center to the side…………….aghhh.  I took off the mitts, got into my boots and left the mess until I had fed the horses and checked on mom.  Once I returned I made the most bothersome discovery – spilled, dried espresso is roughly the same as wood stain.  Talk about hard to remove !  So, half an hour later, kitchen is clean once again, coffee gasket and filter were switched.  Coffee done to perfection and now  it is approaching eleven o’clock and I am finally drinking my coffee instead of working on making it or cleaning it up ! Oh yes, and eating breakfast. At almost eleven. Ugh.

So much to do before I go to the conference.  I do take time to breathe and relax……..and enjoy the turning colors of the leaves on the trees.  The neighbors trees are bright yellow now, the tree down the road is yellow and showing red as well.  Just beautiful. 

Enjoy the day !