The wind is blowing – and since this is the high desert, we have dust.

And sand.

Blowing dirt.

LOTS of blowing dirt.

So, if it is blowing, stay inside !!!!!

But I can’t, I have to go retrieve a tarp for my woodpile.  That is on the list of things to get done before the monsoon hits later today.  I got lost on the internet here, and it is warm inside.  Well, no doubt it is warm outside as well, but oh bother, I guess I just have to get going.  An old friend of mine, a retired jockey Tom Chapman is a top rate painter.  Now he is painting birds.  Here is a link to his site, check it out.   Look at the song birds 🙂

Racehorses, humor and now birds.  He is a great guy and I am so glad that he is doing so well with his art.  Very gifted. 

Stay dry and inside if the wind is blowing ! I can’t so someone should be able to !