Been working hard on getting things done here – I am going to be gone for a few days to the writers conference soon.  Plus, winter is fast approaching.  Since I grew up in Southern California…..this has been a learning experience in every sense.  Animal care is different.  House maintenance is different.  Yard care is different.  We actually do a lot of things to get ready for the winter…….the snows…….and the freezes………Even after seven years, I learn something new each time the seasons come to an abrupt change.

Anyway… moving right along……….this is funny now, and it really wasn’t dangerous, so keep that in mind.  Earlier in the evening, I got the fire going. That was fine. Then I decided I would put in wood for the night. Once again, fine. Except for the fact that both pieces of wood were tinder dry……… and created a fire the likes that I have NEVER seen before – not in our fireplace at least 🙂  It was ok, just a bit alarming. I could see flashes of flame in the stove pipe where the flap for the flue is inset… as high as my head……..OMG.  Into my boots once again and out of the house like a shot.  Got the hose on because as I feared,  there were embers escaping for a short time and so I stood watch with the hose after I watered down the roof.  The broken top part of the chimney on the roof created a monster draft it seems.   None of the embers lit anywhere, and the house is still intact this am, but what an eye opener ! And I had gotten into bed so nicely tucked in……then thought, that is some noise…..and OOPS !   I called my son, he  came out and watched with me, by the time he scooted into his shoes and outside, there were no more embers. I did however get to see a shooting star while I was watching the chimney and roof 🙂  Needless to say, I won’t do THAT again !  Having a pile of dry wood is a novelty to me, I usually have to really work to get something going and keep it going.  The chimney sweep will return this week with a cap for the chimney.  He told me to go ahead and use the stove – and while I am fairly sure this has happened in the past, we always had a tall terra cotta top…….so, disaster averted, and I was off to bed again.

As I sit here, I hear the sandhill cranes flying over.  They make such an interesting noise, kind of a bubbling quacking sound.  I can hear them coming from over by the lake as they go do whatever cranes do at this time of year.  The small finches outside are busy, there are scores of white crown sparrows now.  I saw a hummingbird not long ago.  Refreshes my soul, I love the birds and seeing them during their migration is always so interesting.

Have a fun Saturday all !