The chimney sweep came to work on our stove late yesterday.  Only here in the middle of nowhere would this be an event 🙂  It was much anticipated, especially since the temps have been dipping below freezing already.  This sweep fellow is interesting.  No, he does not wear black clothing or a top hat.  He wears a pale grey snap on oversuit and a baseball hat.  And ski glasses (he is a now retired ski patrol expert person).  He had back surgery last year and I heard all about that.  He is a bit talkative, but more importantly, he does good work, and fixed several things on my stove.  Being a stove novice, I had no idea about this front grate being adjustable.  Which it is.  Which now means I can put the cool wire grate on top of it and leave the door open if I would like so we can see the fire.  Nice.  Very handy fellow.  On the not so good aspect of the visit, last year he repaired the terra cotta extension on the roof with a heat resistant glue of some sort.  While it looked good still, there was a new crack in it.  Once he started to ease the chimney brush into it, POOF !  It fell into about six pieces,  slid off the roof and crashed on the ground at my feet.   Which means I need another type of cap.  He will get it and bring it by one day soon. He will install it so the weather won’t bother the rest of the remaining terra cotta……. and I can pay him next month.  He said he would rather get it done now and just have me pay him later.  Much appreciated, I am already sweating this month’s money – especially with travel on the horizon.

Since we no longer have many goats, I have a number of panels that I used for fencing that I am going to sell.  I hope it is going to work out so I can get some pocket cash for my trip in TWO WEEKS !  OMG.  Carol, I hope you are ready for this ! 

Best get busy, hope you all are staying warm !