Little Girl November 2008

Little Girl November 2008

No, I don’t mean the cat – but she does have a lot of meaning and does have some useful qualities.  I put her photo up because 1. she is my favorite cat and 2. I found this photo when I was looking for photos of fallen lilac leaves from two years ago…..oh, guess that answers that – my cat is only a year and  a half old….wrong year !  Oh well.  Today has been interesting – I had packed a number of boxes in anticipation of moving several years ago.  Now, since the bottom of the housing market fell out, we are still here.  That is another whole blog, which you are likely not to read anytime soon.  Back to the boxes.  I had bought a pair of tall UGG like boots and put them away.  Well, I wanted to find them (and **gasp** WEAR them) this winter.  Bingo, in the first box I opened.  Next box ? Two miniature horse blankets that I knew I had…………somewhere……….why not think they have been in the corner of the living room next to the propane stove ?  Ah ha !  Sadly packed away the shells my son and I collected in Port Orchard a couple of years ago……..this is a tiny house, and we just don’t have the space to display anything really.  That’s ok, we will get moved sooner than later and will have them out then.  Sounds good.

I have 3 tons of grass hay, which currently is blocking my view out the back window over by the barn in back.  It is good hay, it won’t kill my horses who have been having a time of it with supposedly not hot alfalfa.  Just a bit of colic, just enough to know they are off, and not enough to grab the phone for the vet.  I have Banamine on hand, and use it when they need it, but mostly we have dodged the bullet on THAT nightmare.  Colic.  Don’t even think about it. 

I like feeding grass hay better anyway.  Messy, and once the horses get over giving me the “you want me to eat THIS ???” look, it is quite low key.  Much appreciated.  I guess I should get back to work.  I talked to my sister this morning, and while still talking a blue streak, she was asking on target questions.  Much improved over such a short period of time.  Good thing.  Been difficult this last two weeks.  Very glad to get her to neuro rehab and starting to get back on her feet – literally and figuratively.

Fall in the air – love it !