Lilacs in winter

Lilacs in winter


What I have written in the past happened of course… know,  you leave your house in the morning, you have no idea how life as you know it will change by nightfall. 

When my sister crashed her motorcycle while racing two weeks aga, that is exactly that happened.  People scrambled to get her cats fed.  Another good friend helped get her insurance paid, which was going to expire two days later.  My sister was lucky.  She escaped with some scrapes, some bruises.  A cut on her lip.  A cut on her forehead.  Both healed while her head injury was……..well obvious.   On Thursday, when I talked to her, she was still in the realm that she knew me, mom, my son.  She could speak clearly, albeit a bit weakly.  Then her mind would go to some other world, and she would ramble………it was quite disconcerting. 

We got her transferred to a top class neuro rehab on that same day.  I called for her a couple of times Fri and Sat but didn’t get to speak to her.  On Sunday, I got to talk to her, and while I had been carefully phrasing a comment about the weather, she hit me right between the eyes in the first minute of our conversation.   She says to me in her normal strong bossy voice “the people here keep talking about brain injury.  Do I have a brain injury? ”  OMG.  Friday I had been being told that once the person comes to the realization that this did indeed happen to them,  that it can be terrible, traumatic, very upsetting.  So, true to form, she hits me with the $64,000 question.  I should not have expected anything different.  My sister and I have known four people who had varying degrees of brain injury, one who passed away, one who should have considering the mechanism of the injury – but not only lived, lives on her own, just went on with her life after rehab – and two fellows, one who was pretty much himself, and the other who ……..wasn’t.  So, we know what it is like, what it can be.  I said  I could tell her what little I know about her condition (she was still being evaluated Friday, today is a meeting to put together a treatment plan for her).  Yes, she has a brain injury.  I asked her if she remembered crashing years ago (from a bicycle) in Ventura.  She says “who could forget that ?”  and proceeds to bring up stuff I had long forgotten about that timeframe. I tell her that damage is cumlulative…….the older injuries have added to the seriousness of this one.  She says “oh, well that makes sense”, and goes on to tell me about her room there at the center, the staff, what they do, etc.  I was blown away the whole time.   Being chatty is something that comes with this injury, along with loss of inhibitions.  I decided to call it “my sister on speed with no brakes on her mouth”.  OMG.  The sharpness or edge to her is there once again, and she even managed to give both me and mom verbal jabs as she is good at doing.  It was way beyond my grasp.   To say this two weeks has been an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement.  I am still shaking my head.  She even berated me for “only mentioning her” on my blog twice since I started writing it !  WHO keeps track of things like THAT ?  My sister apparently.  So here you go, it’s here for you to read when you get to a computer !

The weather has tried to scare us into thinking winter is here……..a dusting of snow on the peaks high above the valley here yesterday.  It was 54 degrees in my living room, and I can tell that is still the case……my hands are frozen typing this !  I called the chimney sweep fellow, and hope he will get here sooner than later.  Lots going on as always, stay warm where you are, and enjoy life !